The Credentialing Process

Whether it’s referred to as the credentialing process, the provider credentialing process, or the insurance credentialing process, the highly involved process that must be carried out by physicians and health professionals is critical for a successful practice.


Going it alone.


Going with a specialist.

As a physician or mental health professional, you have two available options for completing the credentialing process for yourself and/or other members of your practice. The first is tackling the credentialing process on your own, and the second is working with a specialized credentialing service provider.

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The Credentialing Process On Your Own

You can expect to find the credentialing process difficult. It is by no means impossible, but there are many forms and lots of information to provide insurance carriers.


1. Choose Insurance Panel


2. Determine Information Required


3. Gather Application Documents


4. Submit Application to Panel


5. Perform Follow-Up Communication


6. Carry Out Necessary Appeals

Repeat Process for Each Target Insurance Panel

You’ll need to perform steps 1 through 6 for each insurance panel to which you wish to apply. On average, clinicians can expect to spend ten hours working on each panel.

The Credentialing Process With InNet

Don’t trudge through the arduous insurance credentialing application and follow-up process. Stop spending hours going it alone and stop paying per-application or hourly provider credentialing services.


1. Create Your Profile


2. Pick Your Panels


3. Get In Network

With InNet, you’ll save endless frustration, bureaucratic forms, and hours of time you can invest where it matters most: your practice.

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